Color Consulting

Color Consulting is creating paint, stain, and permanent fixture color schemes based on color theory, color psychology, current trends, demographics, lighting and architectural details. Color Consultants do this for both home and work environments. Have you ever painted a room or an entire house and have had the color turn out to be something you did not imagine?

Do you ever wonder if you are using the correct sheen? When changing colors outside are you utilizing the architectural details to their full potential? Did you pick colors that will create a good return and great curb appeal? Using a color consultant is a smart investment and saves you time and money. Light affects hue and some rooms are more difficult than others.

I combine color theory, personal style, and lighting for each color recommended. What I know for sure is color mistakes are costly and long-lasting. I am passionate about picking colors that fit you, your home and business!

Please CLICK HERE To See Our Interior Photo Gallery

Please CLICK HERE To See Our Exterior Photo Gallery

Quick Color Check
$30 telephone or teleconference only

A quick color check offers you the reassurance that the color scheme(s) you are choosing for your room or rooms not only coordinate, complement, and/or enhance one another, but work with all of the other features in your space. Quick color checks happen by telephone or teleconference.

Mini-Home Makeover Interior
$120 in home $90 teleconference

A mini-makeover is just the thing you need if you’re wrestling with the look and feel of two spaces in your home that are in need of a re-fresh. Are you feeling stuck with lighting, coordinating your paint color with your current furniture, carpet, flooring, counters, or cabinets? Picking the right saturation is essential in feeling confident in your paint decision. This can be done in person or teleconference.

Makeover Home Interior
$240 in home $180 teleconference

Are you feeling dissatisfied and restless in your home? Do you find yourself wishing your space was different? Creating paint schemes that flow from room to room isn’t easy, we will work together and bring the look and feel of your space into alignment with your highest hopes. My Makeover design package will address four rooms in your home think of this as an entire floor in your home. Interior Makeovers happen in person or teleconference.

Whole House Makeover
$360 in home $270 teleconference

We all arrive at certain points in our life where we feel bogged down by the need for drastic change. When this happens, the single most impactful change we can make for ourselves is our home. My Whole House Makeover will include your entire home. A whole house designer scheme will provide the direction you need to feel all the contentment and satisfaction that you should feel in your own sanctuary. Both in home and virtual visits are available.

Business Interior
Starts at $240

Are you interested in creating a work environment that values color and work place production? What we know for sure is that color can impact an employee’s mood, productivity, creativity and even energy levels. If you are looking for color schemes that
fit your branding message and update your workplace then this service is for you! Both virtual and workplace visit available.

Partial Exterior Home or Commercial
$180 on-site $120 virtual

Perhaps you just need one color for the trim or siding. Or maybe you need the trim and a front door. This is perfect for your project.

Whole Exterior Home or Commercial
$270 on-site $230 virtual

This is the entire exterior from top to bottom. Buildings not to exceed 3,500 sq. ft. Larger buildings cost more.

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All prices vary on size of home and size of project and may change if more time is needed.